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The greatest thing you can do today is watch this video of Minowaman training kickboxing

One can only assume that Minowaman’s wardrobe consists of an endless supply of red Speedos that he wears daily, instead of the normal undergarments most humans are accustomed to. We were going to manufacture a line of red Speedos with the MiddleEasy logo on the back until we realized how ridiculously impractical of an idea that really is. You can live for the next three hundred years and still not hold enough swagger points to properly rock Minowaman’s genital-clinging apparel. It’s only a matter of time until scientists discover that our entire universe is being held by a gargantuan size of red Speedos.

We won’t see Minowaman in the UFC anytime soon, but do you really think Minowaman’s mullet cares what we see other than Minowaman’s mullet? Exactly. Check out this newly released clip of Minowaman training kickboxing in the heart of Brazil. Your brain will thank you later.


Raheem Sterling goals – U21 England training 10-10-12 | FATV

Highlights to the following 2 games will be exclusively live on FATV from midnight Friday 12th October 2012
England v San Marino World Cup Qualifier

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