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Jakes got the Hump at the BBC !

Well what a week its been at the BBC ! Jake Humphrey annouced he is too leave the BBC to join BT. Not only the face of the F1 coverage Jake found himself at the front of major sporting events including the football and the 2012 Olympics.

We might draw some conclusions from the comments made by the BBC chief  George Entwistle who pleadged to make a bigger commitment to womens sport and told London24 Magazine ” The BBC has not done enough on the issue of female presenters and will look at showing more women’s sport”.

He also went on to give some idea of some major changes likely to happen due to the increased revenue power of BT &Sky. ” While I am director-general, the BBC will carry on having a serious commitment to sport. But look at the latest BT/Sky Premier League deal, that comes in at about £6.5million per football game. We are simply no longer in that class.”

Well it looks like Claire Balding may escape the shake up and rightly so Claire brings a breath of fresh air to sports presenting along with other new additions appearing on the Beeb. On a lighter note articles about Pornographic websites and Bonking at the Beeb made the news making it very eventful week in all.

According to The Daily Mash  “THE BBC runs a number of porn sites that cannot be viewed in the UK because they contain advertising”. The article also went on to report ” A BBC spokesman said: “We sincerely regret being unable to offer no-holds barred slagtastic action within the UK.

To complete the week an article in the Telegraph covered the dirty little secret which has been exposed by Caroline Thomson a former producer off the BBC. She first joined the BBC as a journalist trainee in 1975, ultimately becoming a producer on Analysis (Radio 4) and later Panorama(BBC1) before becoming personal assistant to SDP leader Roy Jenkins in 1982.

Thomson’s revenge lies in exposing the fact that staff are all at it – with one another. From Andy Marr (recently caught canoodling with one of his producers) backwards, the Beeb is a cauldron of sexual tension. You could make an old-style sex romp about it – Carry On Auntie.

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