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If Tiger Woods had a 14ft Driver

I’m not sure what an “unofficial Guinness World record” is — isn’t the whole point of Guinness to make the record official? — but Michael Furrh of Arlington, Texas claims to have it. He recently smacked a golf ball with a 14-foot-2.5-inch driver, and hit it 144 yards down the fairway at Rolling Hills Golf Club.



French Journalist Gets Thumbs Up after Lucky Escape On Yamaha FJR1300

One of MCN’s French colleagues from Moto journal had an unfortunate accident last week while out testing the new Yamaha FJR1300.

While riding down a pier, he inadvertently clipped one of his pannier off a bollard, which was just enough to send him out of control…fjr

The journalist escaped luckily, with just bruising and an injured thumb.


Video of Elgin fan dancing at Ibrox Goes Viral | Scottish Football

Jenny, of Nairn, said she had no idea she was being filmed and was “mortified” to find out she was on TV.

“I was there myself. I drove from Nairn to Elgin and got on the supporters bus.

“I totally went for it. I thought it was time I let myself go.

“When I’m in a crowd I seem to be at my best.”

She added: “It was good crack on the way back.

“I was mortified. I didn’t know there was a camera on me.

“I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, I just wanted to let myself go.”

The Youth Of Today | Russian Hockey Brawl

This is what the NHL lockout has resorted us to — Russian youth hockey fights. Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog passes along a wildly entertaining video of a recent Russian youth hockey matchup between two teams of 10-year-olds.

The youngsters apparently got after it early and often in one of the most “violent” youth hockey games you will ever see. A highlight video has already been composed of some of the best fights — and there are a lot of them — that took place in the game between players from Moscow and Novokuznetsk.

Courtesy of NESN 



Top 10 Moments Of Football Managers Losing Their Rag!

Check Out the Top 10 Moments Of Football Managers Losing Their Rag!

Under the influence of Sir Alex Ferguson mind games, Kevin Keegan loses it in spectacular fashion during the 1996 title run-in.

Harry Redknapp

Rafa Benitez

Ian Holloway

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The greatest thing you can do today is watch this video of Minowaman training kickboxing

One can only assume that Minowaman’s wardrobe consists of an endless supply of red Speedos that he wears daily, instead of the normal undergarments most humans are accustomed to. We were going to manufacture a line of red Speedos with the MiddleEasy logo on the back until we realized how ridiculously impractical of an idea that really is. You can live for the next three hundred years and still not hold enough swagger points to properly rock Minowaman’s genital-clinging apparel. It’s only a matter of time until scientists discover that our entire universe is being held by a gargantuan size of red Speedos.

We won’t see Minowaman in the UFC anytime soon, but do you really think Minowaman’s mullet cares what we see other than Minowaman’s mullet? Exactly. Check out this newly released clip of Minowaman training kickboxing in the heart of Brazil. Your brain will thank you later.

Ali Al-Habsi’s Comical Own Goal Gives ‘Butterfingers’ New Meaning | Premier League

Ali Al-Habsi made one of the all-time worst blunders on Saturday. The Wigan goalkeeper mishandled what should have been a routine catch in his goalmouth and fumbled the ball into his own goal. Unfortunatly, Al-Habsi’s gaffe took place in an English Premier League game — the world’s richest and most watched soccer league — and made headlines and blooper reels around the world.


NFL Play 60 commercial with Cam Newton and a little kid is pretty funny

This little kid is hilarious!!!! He needs a football and acting contract!

KID: “And make Panthers’ fans forget about you?


KID: “And become your mom’s favorite player?”

CAM NEWTON: “Whoa …”


Paul ‘Gazza’ Gascoigne Returns To Lazio | Football | Cult Hero

Former England midfielder Gascoigne had looked set to miss the tie after being booked to speak at an event on Friday.

But he will defy his fear of flying to catch a plane to Italy on Thursday, before returning the following morning. Reports the BBC

He helped Tottenham win the FA Cup in 1991 and scored six times for Lazio, including a late equaliser during the Rome derby against Roma in November 1992.

Gascoigne had declined an invite to September’s reverse fixture at White Hart Lane, which ended in a goalless draw, due to “personal reasons”.

But his agent, Terry Baker, confirmed he would now be flying to Italy after Lazio’s general manager, Maurizio Manzini, invited the 45-year-old back to Rome.

“He is looking forward to seeing the fans because he has a great affection for them,” Baker said.

Lets take a look back at some of Gazza’s greatest and funniest moments..

2010 : Raoul Moat ,Gazza arrives in Rothbury to ‘offer his support’


Paul Gascoigne – The Legend That Was Gazza

A great video about the genius of Paul Gascoigne. Gazza is widely regarded as one of the most gifted players of his generation. This video contains awesome clips from Newcastle, Tottenham Hotspur, Lazio, Glasgow Rangers and of course from his England career.

Football Italia outtakes from the legendary Paul Gascoigne. Clearly demonstrating that one person can be both an idiot and a genius!


John Mccririck ‘ Grow Up You Idiot ‘ [video]

John Mccririck gets a wet willy and a pat on the head by two drunk geezers..

Mccririck was recently dumped by Channel 4 Racing and admitted “Yes, I do antagonise people as reactions to being twice in the Celebrity Big Brother house and also on Coach Trip prove.

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