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David Haye Loses 6 Kilos on rice and beans | Jungle Diet | Bodyshot [pic]



The boxing champion went into the Australian Bush at a beefy 98 kilograms (that’s just over 15 stone or 215 pounds for those of you still thinking in imperial units) but quickly dropped to 92 kilograms (14 stone) after living on a meagre diet of rice and beans every day. Things could’ve been better for the contestants food-wise if they had been successful during the first week of bushtucker trials; unpleasant challenges contestants are voted to face in order to earn food for their camp. Former Coronation Street star Helen Flanagan was repeatedly put up by the public vote to face the trials due to her extreme phobias and uncontrollable anxieties but was unsurprisingly unsuccessful in most of them meaning that her camp mates got no proper meals other than rice and beans for nearly a week. However, it wasn’t immediately obvious to the female viewers out there that David’s physique was being compromised and he took ample opportunity to flaunt his sexy six pack to those who tuned in.


David Haye | Gloves Off | Naked

As David Haye is getting all the attention in the Jungle we thought why not go the whole hog and explore the crazy world of the World Champion Boxer.

This glorious work of art/ centrefold featured in a 2009 issue of Cosmopolitan, where the muscular boxer posed naked to raise awareness of male cancer for Everyman.

David Haye | Jungle Fever The Haymaker Reveals All


Whenever there are celebrity reality television shows, such as Celebrity Big Brother and I’m A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here! there are usually a bunch of people trying to revive their faltering careers. However, this year, I’m A Celeb has managed to bag a real star.

British boxer David Haye is still currently considered one of the best heavyweight boxers in the world. So what has he got to gain from doing the reality television series?

“I’ve been asked to do reality television shows many times in the past, but have always turned them down without a second thought,” said the 32-year-old. “This time round it was different, though. I had nothing planned for November and it all seemed to make sense.

“When I asked friends and family they all thought it would be interesting to see me taken out of my comfort zone and to see me squirm in the jungle for a few weeks. They didn’t think I would be able to hack life without the luxuries my sport has afforded me over the years. This presented a challenge, and it was one I decided to accept. I’ve always been somebody eager to test myself and prove people wrong, and I figure that if I stick it out in the jungle for the duration, many people will be surprised.”

It is this challenge element, as well as an empty calendar, that prompted Haye to agree to spending nearly a month in the jungle. Moreover, the format – and the idea of revealing the man behind the game face – also intrigued a boxer accustomed to triumphing in foreign territory.

“I’ve always been a very private person over the years and have never had any intention of letting my guard down, so this is the public’s first real opportunity to see the real me,” he admitted. “I can’t be certain how people will take to me, but this is the chance to find out. And, in that sense, it’s a really interesting experiment.

“I’ve spent most of my life competing in an individual sport, so, admittedly, have never been much of a team player. The whole idea of mucking in and working as a team is something new to me and it is something I will have to get to grips with. But rather than scare me, the idea excites me. I’m a very competitive person and I don’t like to lose, no matter what’s at stake.”

And while, ultimately, Haye’s legacy won’t be defined by his placing on a reality television show, he remains a natural competitor and is therefore gunning for the title of ‘King of the Jungle’.

“I can’t control whether people on the outside like me or not, or whether they choose to vote for me, but I can control how well I do in the challenges, and that is something I plan on doing,” he said. “I’ve tested myself for years in the ring, often against boxers bigger than myself, so very few tasks tend to scare me. I definitely won’t be side-stepping any Bushtucker Trials in the jungle, or fainting if chosen to do one. I’ll take each trial in my stride and do my very best”

Speaking his mind: I’m A Celebrity’s David Haye described Helen Flanagan as a ‘cute chick’ who ‘stinks of fake tan’

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