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Queens Park Rangers Joey Barton’s Rant With the Daily Mail

Queens Park Rangers footballer Joey Barton, who is currently on loan to a French side, says he may sue the Daily Mail newspaper after it published an article that suggested he should become football’s “gay hero”.

The piece was written by the paper’s sport columnist Martin Samuel.

Barton, 30, who is heterosexual and married with a child, has blasted the paper for “shoddy journalism” and on Wednesday afternoon tweeted from his personal account @joey7barton

“I see Jim Royles giving it beans about my sexuality in the Daily Mail. Like thats anything to do with him. Can he say what he’s said?

“Sounds slightly bigoted and Martin Samuel.to me. Any legal-eagles out there know if he can get away with this?

“My sexuality is of no concern to anyone except me and my family. Can’t see the missus being happy about this piece.

“Nor, would I like my child (when old enough) to read this tripe. Shoddy journalism.

“I will probably have to sue. I don’t really need the money or the hassle. So I offer this as a olive branch.

“Actually, no. Theres no olive branch. Enough’s enough”.

“In light of the Leveson enquiry, it seems a strange thing to print. I mean I have never even met the guy. He doesn’t know me. Shocking.”

Tom Daley Does The Mobot | Charity | Team GB

Tom Daley does the Mobot in aid of the Mo Farah foundation.
Learn the Mobot with Olympic champion Mo Farah: http://bit.ly/DoTheMobot
‘Do The Mobot’ by Tigermonkey released Mon 3rd December

Double Olympic champion Mo is aiming to raise £100,000 by getting his famous friends and Joe Public (that’s you), to upload your own versions on YouTube.

After seeing Tom’s version of LMFAO’s Sexy And I Know It and his cameo in Team GB’s Children In Need video, I  should have guessed he would be the first to get involved.

Fabrice Muamba ” I cant dance ” | Strictly Come Dancing | Footballers

footballer Fabrice Muamba talks about his nerves on the dance floor  after signing up to Strictly Come Dancing’s Christmas Special.

The 24 year-old footballer’s severe heart attack was one of the most dramatic moments in football history when he collapsed on the pitch mid-match but although Muamba has retired from football.

However confidence may not be in abundance as Muamba exclusively confesses his anxiety about hitting the dance floor, confessing: “I can’t dance at all.”

Muamba went even as far to deny he would ever appear on Strictly Come Dancing: “No, no, no. I’m just a normal guy who loves to do normal stuff.”

Speaking at the St John Ambulance First Aid Awards on November 19 before his involvement with the BBC1 show was officially announced later in the week, Fabrice was keen to deflect questions about his celebrity status:

“For one I’m not a celebrity and for two I’m just an ordinary dude who happened to have a cardiac arrest which was televised around the world and that’s all that happened. but to me, I’m still a normal guy who does normal stuff. I like to play Playstation Call of Duty so to me I’m just a normal guy.”

Muamba, who came to the UK aged 11, will dance with Aliona Vilani who made an early exit from this year’s competition through a damaged ankle while her partner Johnny Ball was voted out during her absence. A show insider confirmed: “This booking comes on the back of our most successful series ever.”

 Aliona Vilani ” ‘I’ll be able to go back to boogieing’


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