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Ashley Cole thanks Drogba for Golden gift | Premier League

Ashley Cole used his twitter account to send his thanks to Didier Drogba for hosting an £800,000 celebratory dinner to commemorate Chelsea’s Champions League win this year, presenting his former team-mates with rings to symbolise their victory over Bayern Munich.


Drogba said at the dinner: “I wanted to give something to the team so we can all look back and remember that achievement.” He then singled out club captain John Terry, who was in attendance. “You’re my hero and everyone at Chelsea loves you.”




Ashley Cole Stuns #Twitter With FA Rant

Ashley Cole may have landed himself in hot water after comments appeared on his twitter account. The news Broke rapidly across the Social media network and these were some of the responses from Twitter .

Gary Lineker ‏@GaryLineker
That is an astonishingly tweet from @TheRealAC3 I suggest a rapid apology Ashley. Been a great England player, don’t tarnish it!

Ashley Cole ‏@TheRealAC3
Hahahahaa, well done #fa I lied did I, #BUNCHOFTWATS

Peter Jones ‏@RedAlertMedia
Thanks, Ashley Cole, for reminding me yet again why i so much loved the Olympics & Paralympics. Footballers. Great role models!

Dan Roan ‏@danroan
Just when you think football’s Respect campaign has suffered enough, you can always rely on Ashley Cole to put the boot in a bit more.

Matt Dickinson ‏@DickinsonTimes
‘Ashley, here’s your engraved gold watch for your 100th England game’. ‘Thanks, twat’

Oliver Kay ‏@OliverKayTimes
RT @TonyEvansTimes: Ashley Cole. Wow. Run himself out on 98. Smashed the stumps, too

Kelly Cates ‏@KellyCates
I know it’s a verified account but…RT @TheRealAC3 Hahahahaa, well done #fa I lied did I, #BUNCHOFTWATS

Rory Smith ‏@RorySmithTimes
Immediate response from Chelsea to Ashley Cole and TwatGate: everyone should follow club’s lead and reserve comment until the right time.

Tom Adams ‏@tomEurosport
Sensational tweeting. Just sensational. Hope he #lovedhistime in the England squad. #headsgone

All comments are taken directly from twitter and the accounts listed by individuals and are no way my views or comments or oppinions. 


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