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Birmingham kickboxer extradited over stabbing

A kickboxer from Birmingham wanted over the murder of a US marine in Thailand has been extradited.

Lee Aldhouse, 29, was named as the prime suspect in the Thai authorities’ investigation into the death of Dashawn Longfellow in Phuket in August 2010.

Aldhouse is alleged to have attacked Mr Longfellow after a fight in a bar on the island.

“We can confirm that Lee Aldhouse, a British national, was extradited to Thailand from London Heathrow on an extradition warrant.

“He is wanted in connection with the suspected murder of Dashawn Longfellow, 23, in 2010 on the Thai island of Phuket.”



The greatest thing you can do today is watch this video of Minowaman training kickboxing

One can only assume that Minowaman’s wardrobe consists of an endless supply of red Speedos that he wears daily, instead of the normal undergarments most humans are accustomed to. We were going to manufacture a line of red Speedos with the MiddleEasy logo on the back until we realized how ridiculously impractical of an idea that really is. You can live for the next three hundred years and still not hold enough swagger points to properly rock Minowaman’s genital-clinging apparel. It’s only a matter of time until scientists discover that our entire universe is being held by a gargantuan size of red Speedos.

We won’t see Minowaman in the UFC anytime soon, but do you really think Minowaman’s mullet cares what we see other than Minowaman’s mullet? Exactly. Check out this newly released clip of Minowaman training kickboxing in the heart of Brazil. Your brain will thank you later.

Fighter loses bout after vomiting | Mixed Martial Arts

A Mixed Martial Arts competitor has lost a fight because he began to vomit.

Levi West was holding his own against Kaileb Cummins when he stopped and moved to the side of the ring.

West posted on his Twitter account afterwards: “I was dominating that fight! I just got sick outta nowhere, no more mcdoubles for me ;)”

Responding to a couple of other users, West confirmed: “Yeah he won because of the rules… i beat myself :/

“They should have let me keep going!! :/”


Moonsault Move almost results in Wrestler Death

Brock Lesnar nearly ended his career shooting-star press at Wrestlemania XIX, and at a Beyond Wrestling show in Rhode Island on September 30th, Atlanta-based wrestler Charade botched one even worse, under-rotating during a moonsault and landing directly on the top of his head. The horrific impact fractured Charade’s skull, and immediately silenced the meager crowd. via

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