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Amazing surfing stunts: Sebastian Zietz wins Reef Hawaii Pro

Hawaii native Sebastian Zietz has claimed his first major win on Saturday at the Reef Hawaii Pro at Hawleiwa. Report by Lauren Hood.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the sea. [surfing]


A man has survived a shark attack by punching it in the face.

Scott Stephens was surfing off the coast of Eureka, California on Tuesday 30th October when a great white shark pulled him underwater.

The 25-year-old then punched the animal several times before it let go.

He was described to be in “fair” condition by doctors – although he sustained at least seven deep lacerations, his vital organs were fine.

Stephens was thankful to the strangers on the coast who helped him, as well as to the operating doctors.

He added that the incident hasn’t put him off surfing when he fully recovers.


Naked surfing with Kepa Acero Solo Style


Basque surfer Kepa Acero is at the forefront of the relatively new breed of self-documenting surf filmmakers, and his solo missions to far flung places like India, Patagonia, and Africa, all filmed and edited by him, are quite captivating.


Day One

Day Three

Day Five

Final Day

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