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Chelsea Fan Arrested After Alleged ‘Monkey Gesture’

A 28-year-old man has been arrested following an alleged racist incident during Chelsea’s Capital One victory over Manchester United.

Metropolitan Police confirmed the man was arrested after attending a west London police station by appointment.

A spokesman said: “He was arrested on suspicion of a racially aggravated Section 4a Public Order Act offence and currently remains in custody at the west London police station. Inquiries continue.”

Sources suggest He was later released on Bail unitll November.

Richard Keys | Twitter – Chelsea Camp Split on Clattenburg


If what Keys claims is right and he may yet have to retract his idea that this whole escapade is complete fabrication , then where does this leave the London club which is still recovering from the John Terry racism row.

Chelsea do have a problem though and its a huge problem, a report in the Mail claimed ” Referee Mark Clattenburg’s report on last Sunday’s clashes at Stamford Bridge — when he was accused of racially abusing Chelsea’s John Obi Mikel by calling him ‘monkey’ — will centre on the visit Chelsea employees and players made to the officials’ room after the match.

And sources claim that the ‘extraordinary incident’ report will suggest Clattenburg was uncomfortable with what happened during that visit.

But the possibility also remains that one or more Chelsea employee could face FA action for their part in confronting the referee. It is understood that statements from assistant referees Simon Long and Michael McDonough and fourth official Mike Jones will support Clattenburg’s assertion that he made no racially abusive remarks.

Chelsea have not disputed the fact that Mikel heard the claim he had been abused by Clattenburg only after the match when he was told by non-English-speaking team-mate Ramires.

The situation has lead to the possibility of a referee’s boycott of Chelsea games , former rerferee Wilkes said ;

“I keep in touch with a lot of the lads and there is such a strength of feeling about what is happening to Mark. I know a few referees who are even talking about boycotting Chelsea games because of all this”.

“It’s no exaggeration to say the refs in this country have never felt lower. They are so disillusioned. They feel vulnerable, feel that they are getting no backing.

“They want to speak out themselves but are too frightened, they fear they will be sacked if they go public with their grievances. There have even been murmurings about strike action, but that is very much a last resort.”
Clive Wilkes




Man Utd | Premier League | Ferguson doubts Chelsea’s Claims

Sir Alex Ferguson does not believe referee Mark Clattenburg used “inappropriate language” towards Chelsea player John Mikel Obi.

“I don’t believe Mark Clattenburg would make any comments like that. I refuse to believe it,” Ferguson said at a news conference before of tomorrow’s match against Arsenal. “I think it is unthinkable in the modern climate. There is no way a referee would stoop to that, I am convinced of that.”

In response Roberto Di Matteo has criticised Sir Alex Ferguson for getting involved in Chelsea’s argument with Mark Clattenburg.

Di Matteo said: “He likes to talk about other clubs. We tend not to. I’ll leave it up to him.

“It’s a free country where everybody has the freedom of speech. We’ll take into consideration what other people say and use it as a motivational tool for ourselves.”

Ferdinands issue statement [racism]

Statement issued by New Era Global Sports

It has been a year since the incident at Loftus Road. During that time, some of the deep divisions that exist in football have been exposed. In the coming months there will be ongoing discussions, we are sure, on finding a way forward. We intend to participate in these discussions, along with numerous other current and ex-professionals of all races, from the grass roots upwards, across the football community as a whole.

On the issue of Kick It Out, we would like to go on record to say what fantastic work they have done in the past regarding education and awareness. However, times change and organisations need to change with them. We are more than happy to join the discussion, privately, to make Kick It Out more relevant in its fight to stamp out racism in football.

Although we have been left disappointed by the PFA and the FA’s actions over the last year, as a family, we are committed to working with football’s existing organisations towards the betterment of the game and to achieve immediate action.

We would like to thank all the fans and the staff at Queens Park Rangers and Manchester United for their support in what has been a difficult year. In particular we want to thank Sir Alex Ferguson and Mark Hughes.

We will not be discussing publicly any issues connected with the case. We are now going to concentrate on playing football.

– Rio and Anton Ferdinand

“This isn’t about Suarez or Terry” Jason Roberts – Has His Say

After much speculation about ‘ A Black Players Union ‘ Jason Roberts has finally had his say on the lack of progress with Racism in football. Roberts was criticised over the weekend for not wearing the Kick It Out t-shirt during Readings Game at Old Trafford , Rio Ferdinand made his stance by following many other players who have become frustrated with the lack of progress with racism in the game.

A lawyer confirmed yesterday that he was working with several players on proposals for a Black Players Union. Jason Roberts was linked to the group but later confirmed through his Twitter account that this was not the case. In an interview with the Independent today Roberts said;

“The last generation suffered from monkey chants and we have to move it forward from simply being happy that we no longer get that. I’m not just happy to be here where we are.

He went on to say ” that it is the general complacency about discrimination and not the Terry/Suarez sagas which caused his protest. “This isn’t about Suarez or Terry,”

Full Story Here

‘Im Not Involved In Players Union Talks’ Confirms Roberts

Jason Roberts took to twitter to confirm his stance on the players union rumours today.

I can confirm that I have not been involved in any talks over a separate Black Players Union. I will share my views very soon!

Earlier today the BBC confirmed ” Peter Herbert, who chairs the Society of Black Lawyers, says the discussions are at a preliminary stage, but involve several players from various levels, including the Premier League.

“I think there comes a point in any community’s life or experience where enough is enough,” he said.

“People appear to have decided they have to do something more vigorously.”

Football Association chairman David Bernstein says a breakaway organisation would not be the best way to deal with the issue.

“Fragmentation isn’t in anyone’s interest. Great passions are involved here. I hope sense prevails and people can work together,” said Bernstein.

Show Racism the Red Card [statement] Kick it Out

“We fully understand the anger of the Ferdinand family and Jason Roberts in relation to the FA handling of the John Terry case. Both Rio and Jason are long-standing patrons of our campaign and are recognised in our Hall of Fame for their work.”

“The issue of not wearing the Kick It Out (KIO) shirts at the weekend highlights the displeasure of certain players in relation to the footballing authorities’ handling of the incidents of racism in the game. We call on the players involved to now sit down with us, KIO and the PFA to draw up a plan of action to present to the footballing authorities and Government.”

Kick It Out’s chairman Lord Herman Ouseley said the players needed to speak openly about their grievances.

He told BBC Radio Five: “The issue is that the T-shirts have become the story whereas the actual grievances of black players, both current and former, have not come out in the open.

“The black players who have expressed themselves by saying they are not going to wear the T-shirt are doing so because they genuinely believe there are grievances that have not been addressed. Those grievances can only be addressed if we confront them, not by gestures of not wearing a T-shirt, but I understand why people don’t do that.”

Former Liverpool and England star John Barnes told;

Talk Sport’s Keys & Gray show today: “I understand that they are not happy with the way things are, but I think they really have to target the source of their discontentment and I’m sure Kick It Out isn’t that target.

“There is nothing Kick It Out can do to implement strategy or fines or legislation. If they are unhappy with the treatment John Terry has got, or Serbia, then they should target the right people.

“Kick It Out are suffering because a lot people believe that Rio [Ferdinand] and Jason [Roberts] aren’t happy with Kick It Out, and I don’t think they’re not necessarily unhappy with them, I think they’re unhappy with the situation. But unfortunately they are targeting the wrong people.”

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