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Hockey Game Invaded by 25,000 Teddy Bears

What are the chances of 25,000 people at an ice hockey game all having a teddy bear with them?

Pretty slim, we think you’d agree. Unless it’s a junior Canadian ice hockey game – in which case, it turns out, it’s a tradition.

“The idea is to collect thousands of bears to be distributed to kids in need,” reports BuzzBishop. “It’s a great event that packs the house each year.”



The Youth Of Today | Russian Hockey Brawl

This is what the NHL lockout has resorted us to — Russian youth hockey fights. Yahoo’s Puck Daddy blog passes along a wildly entertaining video of a recent Russian youth hockey matchup between two teams of 10-year-olds.

The youngsters apparently got after it early and often in one of the most “violent” youth hockey games you will ever see. A highlight video has already been composed of some of the best fights — and there are a lot of them — that took place in the game between players from Moscow and Novokuznetsk.

Courtesy of NESN 



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