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Video of Elgin fan dancing at Ibrox Goes Viral | Scottish Football

Jenny, of Nairn, said she had no idea she was being filmed and was “mortified” to find out she was on TV.

“I was there myself. I drove from Nairn to Elgin and got on the supporters bus.

“I totally went for it. I thought it was time I let myself go.

“When I’m in a crowd I seem to be at my best.”

She added: “It was good crack on the way back.

“I was mortified. I didn’t know there was a camera on me.

“I didn’t want to make a fool of myself, I just wanted to let myself go.”

Reporter Gutted After 6,000 mile Trip | Football

Elgin City Football Club , Borough Briggs Stadium

A football reporter from Japan has travelled over 6,000 miles to cover Glasgow Rangers’ match at Elgin City, only to find it had been postponed when he arrived.

Writing for Footballista Magazine in Tokyo, sports reporter Daisuke Nakajima spent 14 hours on a plane and 5 on a train to get to Borough Briggs Stadium.

Upon his arrival, he discovered that because more tickets were sold than the terrace could hold, the game had been called off for safety measures.

Security feared that more than 1,000 extra fans would turn up for the Sunday fixture, according to The Mirror.

Nakajima said: “It was a very tiring, wasted journey. There are a lot of fans of Scottish football in Japan and the story of Rangers is of great interest.”

The reporter then attempted to interview Elgin City officials but was unsuccessful. He did, however, cherish the photos he took of his trip.

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